Goldilock sees 2022 as year of growth and cyber security awareness and outreach milestones

Continues to grow in influence and reach, building international awareness of unique hardware cyber protection solution

Emma Wade-Smith, His Majesty’s Trade Commissioner North America and Consul General in New York, Commander Chris L’Amie, RN of HMS Richmond and Stephen Kines, Goldilock COO

February 1st, 2023 – The past year has been a year of firsts and growth for Goldilock, a UK-based cyber security hardware innovator. Milestones include financial growth, acceptance into prestigious accelerators, partnerships and awards. Revenue is expected to hit close to 3 million USD by the end of 2023.


On the financial front, Goldilock will have booked upwards of 1 million USD in revenue from Q2 2022 to Q2 2023 from customers in segments as diverse as water utilities, hospitality, aerospace, high profit agricultural crops and crypto custodianship. “Our engaging with one of the UK’s largest Water Authorities to help them protect their Operational Technology network from Cyber Risk underscores the broad relevance of our physical isolation and connectivity solution, based on DPNS (Dynamic Physical Network Segregation), across all vertical segments” points out Goldilock Founder and CEO, Tony Hasek, adding “our not requiring the use of internet to deliver physical connectivity or isolation within our solution has been registered by water utilities in other markets, as have customers in multiple other segments, reflecting their interest in our unique and innovative solution”.


A key 2022 milestone for Goldilock, leading to its uptick in sales, has been industry recognition. Commencing with acceptance into Midlands Cyber, the UK Midlands’ first regional network for Security-By-Design, Goldilock was then selected in rapid succession for the National Cyber Security Centre’s #NCSCForStartups programme, followed by the UK Ministry of Defence’s Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA), which finds and funds exploitable innovation for a safer future. The result? Proven relevance as a next generation solution that reduces exposure to national security cyber threats and critically, delivery of two distinct hardened and militarised prototypes, months before the predicted timescale. This achievement prompted DASA’s feedback about the overall project performance to state “it couldn’t have gone any better”.


Industry recognition has also been reflected in awards, being a winner in the Barclays Startup Awards in January 2023, along with eight other nominations in four award groups including winning silver medal for hardware at the CyberSecurity Awards, silver medal for start-up of the year for BlackHat (MEA) and start-up award finalist for Birmingham Tech Week. Already achieving second place in the Hardware Cyber Awards, Goldilock also gained success in four categories for the West Midlands Tech Awards 2022, winning the young tech talent of the year and finalists for Digital Start-up of the Year and Digital Development of the Year, as reported by publications in including Business Mondays, Global Security Mag or Business Leader.


Not only has Goldilock been recognised, it has been seen fit to receive global sales and scaleup support. Notably, this has included representation at the UK Maritime Cyber Security Trade Mission, the only hardware company chosen for the event, and the Atlantic Future Forum in New York. The organisation presented its newest DPNS-based product to help isolate vulnerable legacy systems. This was developed under a DASA grant and was showcased in both the shipping and port use cases to a North American audience, having previously also been showcased on a UK funded trade mission to South-East Asia in Singapore via the latest Tech Nation International Growth Cohort. The solution was presented to national security professionals in both regions in quick succession, communicating the ability to better protect against nation state attacks.

Both these events were rounded out via attendance at The Atlantic Future Forum, a US-UK two-day invitation-only event, showcasing the technology in front of professionals including the UK Chief of General Staff with discussions around obstacles facing innovative startups, the challenges of working with prime contractors and how early-stage companies can access export finance. This subsequently led the business being selected for the DASA Defence Innovation Forum as one of only eight companies presenting to a high-level delegation from the UK’s Department of International Trade (DIT) and British Embassy, taking a spotlight role in discussing the vision of the future of maritime security.


Goldilock has rounded out 2022 with a partnership with Prizsm Technologies Ltd. in what can only be described as the ultimate #CloudStorage protection initiative. Delivering next generation #CyberDefence in a cloud environment, it allows customers to remotely, instantly, and physically disconnect their storage from the internet when not needed, securing data from any form of prying eyes until needed. Customer data is encrypted and stored behind Goldilock’s Drawbridge, providing the ultimate in cyber defence via DPNS to Box, AWS, Google Drive & other cloud storage customers.


Goldilock is quietly revolutionising the way data and IT infrastructure is protected from external threats, with its remotely controlled hardware allowing organisations to physically connect and disconnect networks from anywhere in seconds, without using the internet. On October 1st, 2022, its HQ was relocated to a new start-of-the-art facility at the University of Wolverhampton Science Park. Designed with health and safety in mind, the move is part of a wider community outreach programme to encourage greater diversity and inclusion within the cyber security space and improve R&D and production potential. This has enabled Goldilock to be closer to its cooperating parties and gain better oversight of grant approvals, such as with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport in the UK.

Better R&D facilities also accelerate product innovations, with 2 long-awaited features having been added to firmware: scheduled port opening / closing and enhanced device-operations security with the introduction of one-time passwords for port control. Q1 of 2023 will see Extended SMS Commands and Alerting, along with commencement of development of the firmware update system and addition of a redundant power supply. Finally, after having gained CE Certification, the next step is also completion of FCC Registration.

Goldilock is also building on its existing partnership with the University of Wolverhampton to reach out to a wide pool of young cyber security talent from all walks of life. In fact, one of its West Midlands Tech Awards nominations is thanks to this collaboration, with another focused on the development of fresh talent.

“Goldilock’s growth comes as the UK’s world-leading tech sector continues to flourish. Investment into UK tech overtook China in the first quarter of 2022 for the first time, with investors recognising the support, scale, and talent on offer in this thriving space. Our recent achievements are a testament to not only to the hard work of our talented team, but also to the timeliness of Goldilock’s physical hardware solution to combat digital threats. Cyber threat has no borders, so we are determined to continue working with organisations around the world to raise awareness, engage diverse cyber talent, and strengthen defences with the latest innovative solutions,” said Stephen Kines, Co-founder of Goldilock.


About Goldilock

Goldilock is based on the premise that your assets should not be physically connected to the Internet when you’re not using them, but that they must be available to you from anywhere immediately when you want to access them. That process, however, should not be controlled over the internet. Our patented remote TruAirgap™ security technology allows asset owners to remotely and instantly physically connect and disconnect those assets (servers, networks, OT systems, data repositories) to and from the internet without using the internet to do so. Goldilock is redefining how sensitive data, devices, networks and critical infrastructure can be secured.


“Yes, there are many security solutions available to organisations, but regardless, connected equals vulnerable. What’s more, devices and systems are constantly evolving, which leads to new vulnerabilities. This makes it a battle for the average company and even cyber experts and to keep up. We wanted to invent a fast, bulletproof, easy to use technology that makes things less complicated.”

-Tony Hasek, founder and CEO, Goldilock

“Unlike all other airgaps, our appliance sits between untrusted (internet) and trusted (internal) networks as a truly physical airgap. It becomes a question of physics: data cannot cross a gap of air so you’re safe if you’re not physically connected to the internet. So, we physically disconnect. It is literally like unplugging a cable, just instant, remote and totally secure.”

– Richard Bate, Chief Technical Officer, Goldilock

“People we speak to are often slightly stumped because they’re used to being sold complexity and they think there must be more to it. But they soon appreciate how unique our solution is, and the beauty of its simplicity. We’ve done years of intensive research and development and the result is a solution that’s fundamentally simple, powerful and proven.”

– Stephen Kines, Chief Operating Officer and co-owner, Goldilock