Goldilock Secure Cloud Storage (1TB)


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Founded in 2017, Goldilock is a simple yet revolutionary next generation patented technology that secures sensitive data and critical infrastructure on the internet and internal networks by utilising a TrueAirgap, which can be controlled without using the internet via out-of-band trigger mechanisms. Goldilock’s TruAirgap™ physically isolates sensitive data,networks and critical infrastructure from harm or interference, yet retains a layer of convenience for authenticated users. Unlike existing network segregation techniques, TruAirgap™ is a hardware device that uniquely contains physical switches to achieve total network disconnection.

Only Goldilock’s technology can be remotely controlled using out-of-band non-IP mechanisms, without using the internet. This creates an inconvenience layer for attackers, controls potentially disruptive IT procedures, and physically shields digital assets.

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