Goldilock TruAirgap™ Storage

$200.00 / Month For 12 Months and 1 Month free trial

Goldilock is a unique convenient, hyper-secure patented technology to store your data remotely, yet keep it completely PHYSICALLY disconnected when you’re not using it. Only you can connect and disconnect it, and you do that without using the internet – so access can’t be hacked over the web. The time your data is disconnected from the web, is the time it is most safe.

  • 1TB of storage (backed-up across 2 x 1TB disks)
  • Control over Goldilock’s non-IP / internet-based trigger allowing you to physically connect / disconnect your storage on-demand.
  • Please allow 48hrs for deployment. You will be contacted by an administrator upon sign-up.
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The only thing safe on the internet is something not on the internet – and that includes YOUR data.

Patented, unique Goldilock allows you to store your data in the cloud, but keep it completely PHYSICALLY disconnected when you’re not using it.  Only you control whether it is connected or not – and you do that without using the internet – meaning access can’t be hacked over the internet.

Imagine being able to physically disconnect your GoogleDrive, OneDrive or DropBox – that’s what Goldilock is! It’s secure remote storage on steroids.  Better than bank level security at a price point any small to medium business can afford. Use cases include; secret and sensitive personal documents and secure keys/tokens or credentials for individuals; PII – KYC/AML, Medical, Financial, Insurance, Personnel Files and many more for Small to Medium Enterprises. Browser based, no software installs, no training required, no specialized devices, multi-factor authenticated including airgapping (user controlled physical disconnection)  Oh! And we back up your backups giving you a completely redundant, remote, high security data centre grade, high availability data vault. Take advantage of our no questions asked 30 day try&buy.

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