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The internet has developed pretty organically, but with a huge push for 'constant connectedness' in the last decade. This has brought great convenience, but with it great vulnerability. It's no one's fault, but all of the threats we see now are as a result of this. We at Goldilock come from a generation where you locked the office at night and didn't worry about anything until the next morning. So we asked, 'why can't business owners and cyber security leaders have the same peace of mind?'

We originally devised Goldilock to help deal with the conflict between hot and cold crypto wallets (still a use case), but we gradually came to understand that we solve many more problems in many more verticals - from isolation and protection of Operational Technologies, to securing disconnected backups for Mom&Pop Shops and Multinationals to help mitigate ransomware attacks. We can give complete control to management of large companies, now worrying about huge financial penalties and breach liability; and we can help Small and Medium Enterprises reduce their attack surface exponentially - because the rising cost of IT and keeping up with new threats everyday is unrealistic for them.

So if you're big or small, technical or not, Goldilock Drawbridge may be the solution for you. Get in touch and we'll see if we can help.

Way more secure than we expected.
Major Water Utility CTO
An exciting new opportunity to protecting high-value assets … essential tool for security architects
Ex-advanced Security Research – CISCO

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Even A.I. and Quantum can't defy the laws of physics. Stop them with Goldilock.

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