Reinventing Cybersecurity Through True Physical Segmentation!

Goldilock Drawbridge is a revolutionary cybersecurity solution that enables users to physically segment their digital assets, devices, networks, operational control systems..literally anything - remotely, instantly, and without using the internet to do it. Our patented technology ensures that your assets are unreachable, invisible and inaccessible to adversaries, and only physically connected to the internet when you need them.

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How does Drawbridge Work?

Cybersecurity threats are constantly evolving, and traditional methods of protection are proving insufficient. Goldilock provides an added, bulletproof layer of security by allowing users to physically disconnect their assets from any network, either proactively or reactively. When we say 'physical' that's exactly what we mean. Our patented process controls a micro, yet completely physical, disconnection of the element through which data is flowing. That's why we liken it to a drawbridge. And because our out-of-band, non-ip signalling technology does not use the internet, the command pathway is out of sight and reach of threat actors. Drawbridge keeps your assets isolated and invulnerable to prevent attack, or, in the event of attack, allows near instantaneous physical disconnection, to stop data exfiltration and lateral movement in its tracks.
Goldilock Drawbridge can reduce your attack surface up to 100%, ensuring the highest level of protection for sensitive data and systems.

CISCO's former SVP of Advanced Security Research says Drawbridge is an "essential technology to better protect and recover from Ransomware attacks, isolate mission critical networks and digital assets from adversarial visibility, in addition to regaining full and physical control of the attack surface."

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Empowering Users with Secure and Accessible Network Control

Goldilock's patented platform allows users to remotely, securely and easily physically connect or disconnect assets from any network without sending commands over the internet. Our 4, 8 and 12-port network appliances are remotely controlled and provide full physical network isolation using out-of-band, non-IP based commands.

Key features of Drawbridge include instant, remote control; compatibility with all network outlets (fibre available Q32023), protection for any device or network; administrator and user-friendly interface; intuitive UI; plug & play, stacka system agnostic deployment (no forklift upgrades required); no requirement for special hardware or software for command and control. Goldilock also offers professional services for smooth customer deployment, such as network configuration assistance, the creation of support models, naming conventions, and secure command processes.

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