Introducing True Network Asset Protection

Goldilock CyberSecurity

Completely control when your digital assets are physically connected to the internet.
No software, no tricks, just physical security that’s not controlled using the internet.
Impossible? Read on…

Our Vision

Goldilock is based on the premise that your assets should not be physically connected to the Internet when you’re not using them, but that they must be available to you from anywhere immediately when you want to access them. That process, however, should not be controlled over the internet. Our patented remote security technology allows asset owners to remotely and instantly physically connect and disconnect those assets (servers, networks, OT systems, data repositories) to and from the internet without using the internet to do so. Goldilock is redefining how sensitive data, devices, networks and critical infrastructure can be secured.

Goldilock Technology

Goldilock has revolutionized the way data, devices and infrastructure are protected on networks by allowing you to physically connect and disconnect anything from anywhere, in seconds without using the internet to do so. Our unique, patented platform utilizes secure non-internet communications to keep your sensitive digital assets physically segregated from any network, while still having them accessible at a moment’s notice from anywhere on earth.

“An exciting new approach to protecting high value assets…an essential tool for security architects.”

Greg Akers, Ex-Advanced Security Research, CISCO

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