A.I. & Internet Kill Switch

In the event of zero-day day attacks, breaches or AI containment/shut-down, time is of the essence. In order to isolate assets, prevent lateral movement and ensure network integrity the last resort is often complete disconnection. For organizations this can mean hours in not days of physically gaining access to offices, data centres and even geographical locations. This is not only impractical, but horribly expensive. Goldilock is layer 1 and completely infrastructure agnostic. You can deploy it quickly and easily throughout to provide strategic isolation or overall ‘kill switches’.

I’m calling this the Fight Club Box. You install it and then don’t talk about it. My clients don’t like the idea of more software agents running around their networks... Goldilock should be standard practice at EVERY point of data egress
Principal Architect Public Sector, Defense and Intelligence, Top 10 Network Infrastructure Manufacturer

How Goldilock works?

The Cyber / A.I. Kill Switch is a powerful tool that enables organizations to respond swiftly and effectively to cyber threats by instantly severing connections and isolating compromised systems. By implementing a Cyber / A.I. Kill Switch, organizations can minimize the impact of cyber attacks, prevent further damage, and safeguard critical assets.

The Kill Switch is a powerful tool that empowers organizations to respond rapidly and effectively to cyber threats. By enabling quick containment of attacks, protecting critical assets, mitigating operational disruptions, ensuring A.I. instances behave within parameters and ensuring compliance with incident response requirements, the  Kill Switch enhances cybersecurity posture and resilience. Implementing this solution is crucial in today's evolving threat landscape, allowing organizations to stay one step ahead of cyber adversaries and safeguard their digital infrastructure.

Goldilock Drawbridge is a physical cybersecurity solution that saves manpower, time, money, and nerves. It allows users to issue an authenticated remote non-IP command to instantly physically isolate and ring-fence control systems within seconds, from, and to, anywhere on earth. The asset is then completely safe and un-hackable because it is physically disconnected from the network.

Our “Non-IP” – or non-internet enabled command, is significant, because the method of control is completely taken away from the potential attack vector – the internet itself.
Furthermore, Goldilock Drawbridge is triggered by port, so disconnection and isolation can be very granular – right down to the network segment or endpoint.

Security gains using Goldilock

  • Rapid Response to Cyber Threats: The Cyber Kill Switch empowers organizations to respond rapidly to cyber threats, reducing the time it takes to mitigate the impact of an attack. By activating the Kill Switch, organizations can sever connections and isolate compromised systems within seconds, minimizing the potential for further damage and preventing the spread of malware or unauthorized access.
  • Containment of Cyber Attacks: The Cyber Kill Switch allows for the swift containment of cyber attacks by isolating affected systems or segments of the network. This prevents attackers from moving laterally within the network, limiting their ability to access sensitive data or disrupt critical operations. The Kill Switch helps organizations regain control and minimize the scope of the attack.
  • Protection of Critical Assets: Implementing a Cyber Kill Switch helps protect critical assets, such as sensitive data, intellectual property, and infrastructure. By instantly isolating compromised systems or network segments, organizations can safeguard their most valuable resources from unauthorized access, data breaches, or destructive actions. This enhances data security and minimizes potential financial and reputational damages.
  • Mitigation of Operational Disruptions: Cyber attacks can cause significant disruptions to business operations. The Cyber Kill Switch allows organizations to quickly regain control and restore normal operations by isolating affected systems while mitigating the impact of the attack. This reduces downtime, minimizes productivity losses, and ensures continuity of essential services.
  • Disconnection of A.I. instances in case of violation of pre-determined parameters
  • Compliance with Incident Response Requirements: Many industries have incident response requirements in place, necessitating swift action in the event of a cyber attack. By implementing a Cyber Kill Switch, organizations can meet these requirements by demonstrating a proactive and efficient incident response capability. Compliance with incident response standards enhances organizational resilience and establishes trust among stakeholders.

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