Critical Infrastructure & OT

Critical Infrastructure cyber attacks can cripple society. Most Operational Control Systems are network connected 24/7 presenting a significant attack vector.The rationale for this is often convenience for monitoring, updating and managing.  Goldilock lets owners of critical infrastructure keep control systems completely disconnected until the second they are needed – or, alternatively, to disconnect them with a moment’s notice. No more costly ‘in-person’ visits to remote infrastructure for data collecting and management. Goldilock lets you connect/disconnect from wherever you are.

"People have been pondering how to do this for a long time. Goldilock is a bit of genius that can have a huge impact; from Operational Technologies, to Network Security, it will make the job of malicious actors exponentially more difficult and in certain cases, impossible."
Lead OT Security Multinational Energy Provider & UK National Cyber Security Center Industry Top 100 Influencer

How Goldilock works?

Critical Infrastructure and Operational Technology (OT) systems are the backbone of essential services such as energy, transportation, telecommunications, and more. Protecting these systems from cyber threats is paramount to ensure the reliable and secure functioning of critical infrastructure. By implementing robust cybersecurity measures, organizations can enhance the resilience of critical infrastructure and safeguard against potential disruptions or attacks.

Securing critical infrastructure and OT systems is crucial to protect essential services, mitigate operational risks, ensure public safety, and comply with regulatory requirements. By implementing robust cybersecurity measures, organizations can enhance resilience, prevent disruptions, and respond effectively to evolving cyber threats. Investing in critical infrastructure and OT security is an investment in the long-term stability and reliability of essential services that society relies on.

Goldilock Drawbridge is a physical cybersecurity solution that saves manpower, time, money, and nerves. It allows users to issue an authenticated remote non-IP command to instantly physically isolate and ring-fence control systems within seconds, from, and to, anywhere on earth. The asset is then completely safe and un-hackable because it is physically disconnected from the network.

Our “Non-IP” – or non-internet enabled command, is significant, because the method of control is completely taken away from the potential attack vector – the internet itself.
Furthermore, Goldilock Drawbridge is triggered by port, so disconnection and isolation can be very granular – right down to the network segment or endpoint.

Security gains using Goldilock

  • Preventing Disruptions to Essential Services: Securing critical infrastructure and OT systems helps prevent disruptions to essential services that rely on them. By implementing robust cybersecurity controls, organizations can minimize the risk of cyber attacks, ensuring the continuity of operations and the uninterrupted delivery of vital services to the public.
  • Mitigating Operational Risks: Critical infrastructure and OT systems are vulnerable to cyber threats that can impact safety, reliability, and efficiency. By implementing proactive security measures, organizations can mitigate operational risks and prevent potential incidents that could lead to equipment failures, service interruptions, or compromise of sensitive data. This enhances the overall operational resilience of critical infrastructure.
  • Protecting Public Safety and Well-being: Safeguarding critical infrastructure and OT systems is crucial for protecting public safety and well-being. These systems often control vital components such as power grids, transportation networks, and emergency services. By ensuring the integrity and security of these systems, organizations can prevent unauthorized access, tampering, or disruption that could jeopardize public safety or compromise emergency response capabilities.
  • Compliance with Regulatory Requirements: Critical infrastructure operators are subject to various regulatory requirements and standards aimed at ensuring cybersecurity and resilience. By implementing robust security measures, organizations can demonstrate compliance with industry-specific regulations such as NERC CIP, NIST SP 800-82,  IEC 62443 or CMCC 2.0. Compliance with these standards not only enhances cybersecurity but also strengthens trust among stakeholders and regulatory bodies.
  • Early Threat Detection and Response: Implementing advanced security solutions for critical infrastructure and OT systems enables early threat detection and rapid response to cyber incidents. Intrusion detection systems, network monitoring, and anomaly detection mechanisms can help identify potential threats or suspicious activities, allowing organizations to take immediate action to mitigate the impact and prevent further damage.

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