Certificate Key Management

Hybrid cloud infrastructures and increasingly complex IT environments create a challenge for management of company certificates. Goldilock enables secret stores and HSMs to be disconnected from the Internet until access is required by an authorized user, providing both security and accessibility. This isolation layer allows secure storage of private keys for backup, escrow, or as a mailbox mechanism.

"Drawbridge is like a nuclear option for cybersecurity. The level of protection, and reaction that it provides is unmatched as far as I can tell. I believe there is nothing approaching this level of protection and therefore, suggest architecting Goldilock into your cryptographic key protection and network segmentation."
CISO Top 10 Digital Asset Custodian

How Goldilock works?

Certificate Key Management plays a vital role in ensuring the secure and reliable exchange of sensitive information in the digital realm. By effectively managing certificates and encryption keys, organizations can establish a robust cryptographic infrastructure, safeguard data integrity, and protect against unauthorized access and data breaches.

Certificate Key Management is essential for establishing a secure and reliable digital communication environment. By leveraging strong encryption and authentication, mitigating data breach risks, ensuring compliance with industry standards, simplifying certificate lifecycle management, and building trust and reputation, organizations can protect sensitive data, maintain regulatory compliance, and enable secure digital interactions. Implementing effective certificate key management practices strengthens the overall security posture and fosters trust in the digital landscape.

Goldilock Drawbridge is a physical cybersecurity solution that saves manpower, time, money, and nerves. It allows users to issue an authenticated remote non-IP command to instantly physically isolate and ring-fence control systems within seconds, from, and to, anywhere on earth. The asset is then completely safe and un-hackable because it is physically disconnected from the network.

Our “Non-IP” – or non-internet enabled command, is significant, because the method of control is completely taken away from the potential attack vector – the internet itself.
Furthermore, Goldilock Drawbridge is triggered by port, so disconnection and isolation can be very granular – right down to the network segment or endpoint.

Security gains using Goldilock

  • Strong Encryption and Authentication: Certificate Key Management enables organizations to employ strong encryption algorithms and authentication mechanisms to secure digital communications. By managing certificates and encryption keys effectively, organizations can establish trusted communication channels, verify the authenticity of entities, and protect against eavesdropping and data tampering.
  • Mitigation of Data Breach Risks: Proper certificate key management practices help mitigate the risk of data breaches. By ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of encryption keys and certificates, organizations minimize the potential for unauthorized access to sensitive data. This protects critical assets, such as customer information, financial data, and intellectual property, from falling into the wrong hands.
  • Compliance with Industry Standards and Regulations: Many industries have specific regulatory requirements for certificate key management. Compliance with standards such as PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) helps organizations demonstrate a commitment to data security and privacy. Effective certificate key management ensures compliance with these regulations and industry best practices.
  • Simplified Certificate Lifecycle Management: Certificate Key Management provides streamlined processes for managing the lifecycle of certificates, including issuance, renewal, and revocation. Automated workflows and centralized management systems enable efficient certificate management, reducing administrative overhead and ensuring the timely renewal and revocation of certificates, thus maintaining a secure cryptographic infrastructure.
  • Trust and Reputation: Properly managed certificate key infrastructure enhances trust and reputation. By utilizing trusted certificate authorities, maintaining up-to-date certificates, and following best practices for key management, organizations build trust with customers, partners, and stakeholders. This trust is crucial for secure digital transactions, secure online communications, and maintaining a positive brand image.

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The only thing that's safe on the internet is something that's not on the internet. Keep key infrastructure offline until the split second you need it - then take it away again...instantly.

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