Lights Out Solution

The vast majority of companies on earth keep regular working hours. Cyber security is confusing and difficult for many of them, but by virtue of their operating hours they can mitigate or eliminate a great deal of cyber threat by completely isolating their operations in non-working hours. Goldilock allows small and medium enterprises to sever their internal business networks from the internet after closing hours, while allowing management on-demand access for comptrolling, auditing and work-from-home activities when necessary.

"A no-brainer. An inexpensive way to protect agains multi-million dollar breaches and front page headlines."
Senior Cyber Incident Response Manager, Big Four Consulting

How Goldilock works?

In today's technologically advanced landscape, businesses and organizations are increasingly adopting Lights Out Solutions to optimize operations and bolster security. This innovative approach leverages automation and advanced technologies to streamline processes, minimize human intervention, and ensure continuous operation in a secure environment.

Lights Out Solutions provide a multitude of benefits, including increased efficiency, enhanced security, cost reduction, improved reliability, and scalability. By leveraging automation and advanced technologies, organizations can streamline operations, optimize resource utilization, and ensure continuous operation in a secure environment. Embracing a Lights Out Solution empowers businesses to achieve higher productivity, reduce costs, and navigate the ever-evolving landscape with confidence.

Goldilock Drawbridge is a physical cybersecurity solution that saves manpower, time, money, and nerves. It allows users to issue an authenticated remote non-IP command to instantly physically isolate and ring-fence control systems within seconds, from, and to, anywhere on earth. The asset is then completely safe and un-hackable because it is physically disconnected from the network.

Our “Non-IP” – or non-internet enabled command, is significant, because the method of control is completely taken away from the potential attack vector – the internet itself.
Furthermore, Goldilock Drawbridge is triggered by port, so disconnection and isolation can be very granular – right down to the network segment or endpoint.

Security gains using Goldilock

  • Increased Efficiency and Productivity: Lights Out Solutions eliminate the reliance on human intervention, allowing processes to run autonomously without the need for constant monitoring. By automating routine tasks and leveraging technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, businesses can achieve higher levels of efficiency, productivity, and operational excellence.
  • Enhanced Security: Lights Out Solutions significantly enhance security by reducing the human element in critical operations. With minimized human interaction, the potential for human error, intentional breaches, and unauthorized access is greatly reduced. Automation ensures consistent adherence to security protocols, mitigating risks and protecting sensitive data.
  • Cost Reduction: By adopting a Lights Out Solution, organizations can significantly reduce operational costs. With automation taking over repetitive tasks, the need for manual labor and associated expenses diminishes. Additionally, Lights Out Solutions optimize resource utilization, reducing energy consumption and enhancing overall cost-effectiveness.
  • Improved Reliability and Continuity: Lights Out Solutions enable continuous operation, reducing the impact of downtime and system failures. Automation ensures round-the-clock monitoring, immediate response to issues, and efficient remediation. This results in improved reliability, minimized disruptions, and enhanced business continuity.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: Lights Out Solutions offer scalability and flexibility, allowing organizations to adapt to changing demands. With automation at the core, businesses can easily scale operations, handle increased workloads, and swiftly respond to market dynamics. This agility enhances competitiveness and positions organizations for growth.

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Why is your office connected when you aren't? Timed disconnection and connection reduces attack surface to ZERO.

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