July 19, 2023

Inside GCHQ's Startup Program

Inside GCHQ's Startup Program

GCHQ is on a mission — and has been since the Snowden leaks in 2013-14 revealed that it had been harvesting information of people the world over — to convey an increasingly open image; to try and shift its public perception away from secretive agency and towards ally of the public in the fight against cybercrime.

A key part of that: partnering with young startups and inviting them in for mentoring.

Five companies have just joined this year’s programme, the focus of which is on ransomware. It’s a fitting theme — GCHQ’s director warned last week that countries opposing Russia will see an increase in cyber attacks after the invasion of Ukraine.

The companies include Goldilock, working on a physical air gap to disconnect critical infrastructure after an attack...