June 12, 2023

Binding Operational Directive CISA

Binding Operational Directive CISA

Needless to say, Goldilock is here to help with this daunting, yet completely expected directive.

"As agencies and organizations have gained better visibility of their networks and improved endpoint detection and response, threat actors have adjusted tactics to evade these protections by targeting network devices supporting the underlying network infrastructure. Recent threat campaigns underscore the grave risk to the federal enterprise posed by improperly configured network devices.

Threat actors have used certain classes of network devices to gain unrestricted access to organizational networks leading to full scale compromises. Inadequate security, misconfigurations, and out of date software make these devices more vulnerable to exploitation. The risk is further compounded if device management interfaces are connected directly to, and accessible from, the public-facing internet. Most device management interfaces are designed to be accessed from dedicated physical interfaces and/or management networks and are not meant to be accessible directly from the public internet.

This Directive requires agencies to take steps to reduce the attack surface created by insecure or misconfigured management interfaces across certain classes of devices."