September 27, 2022

Looking back at a cyber-security focused week in Singapore

Looking back at a cyber-security focused week in Singapore

At Goldilock, we are proud to be part of the Tech Nation International Growth Programme for Southeast Asia – and we are looking forward to forging new partnerships with other businesses in the cyber-security space across the region.

We have been on a long journey already in a short space of time, beginning with setting up in Cannock, Staffordshire in the Midlands of the UK; being accepted into Midlands Cyber, the Midlands;’ first regional network for Security By Design, and then into the National Cyber Security Centre‘s #NCSCForStartups programme. All that led to an opportunity to launch our Southeast Asia presence at an event, held at the historic Eden Hall in Singapore, home of  His Majesty’s High Commissioner..

This was the setting for the first ever in-person reception for the selected companies on the Tech Nation Southeast Asia showcase, held jointly with the UK’s Department of International Trade (DIT) Trade Mission. His Majesty’s Trade Commissioner, Natalie Black highlighted only two companies that deserved special attention, Goldilock was thrilled to be one of those two.

As a result, we were able to secure key meetings to start both testing and regulatory approvals for exploitation of our product in the enterprise, industrial and defence sectors – and will be accelerating our deployment in Southeast Asia with Singapore as our regional HQ.”

Looking back, it is great to be able to reflect on a busy but fruitful week as part of the delegation taking part in the successful South East scale-up launch. It was very worthwhile for Goldilock from both a networking and market understanding perspective.

Thanks to Tech Nation and the DIT for helping us to make our debut smoothly.

The event offered us a real platform to start projecting our cyber-security stance and, more specifically our TruAirgap™ vision through the region and ultimately globally.

Maritime security was a relevant topic of conversation through the week, given Singapore’s reputation as the top maritime capital of the world. In part, we have been focused on the promoting the benefits of intelligent air gap technology like our own.

It is worth reflecting here that shipping ports remain a significant challenge for those wishing to manage cyber risks that pervade these complex eco-systems. Some key factors that compound risks are ownership of vessels, crew, cargo, fuel, data and systems, and the fact that almost everything beyond the keyboard is an industrial control system (ICS).

ICSs by nature are designed to be functional, they are typically isolated, usually by a legacy airgap but that’s a blunt instrument in today’s increasingly connected world of international logistics. Being very simple and basic, legacy airgaps will be manually operated, to achieve physical disconnection and reconnection. This very ‘hands on’ nature makes them difficult to manage and maintain and seamlessly integrate into a modern shipping and port eco-system.

The high incidence of cyber-attacks hitting port systems illustrates the point. We have seen multiple examples – from the recent port of London attack to a series of attacks on European port terminals reported back in February.

Attackers find vulnerabilities, and they exploit them. You must prepare for how you react and how you recover. It’s not enough to just build big walls. It takes only one person to figure out how to bypass your security and someone someday will. Protect yourself by being prepared for when it happens.

Intelligent air gaps allow organisations to reduce the financial impact of cyber breaches by gaining full control over their attack surface, while allowing them to operate at the speed of business.

Unlike legacy air gaps, next generation air gaps are a business enabler, allowing organisations to dramatically reduce risk of direct or indirect cyber-attacks, without disrupting business workflows or impacting users with complex IT challenges.

These are themes we have been happy to talk through during this last week in Singapore and continue to receive traction in doing.

For more information on Goldilock and our services in the region, feel free to reach out to our new Head of SE Asia Chris Hurd.