Tony Hasek


Tony is the inventor (now co-inventor) of Goldilock. With a background ranging from trench digging Canadian and Australian qualified paratrooper to leading cutting edge technology firms, Tony is an experienced entrepreneur and company builder who is not afraid to roll-up his sleeves and do anything to move the team forward. He has a history of predicting market changes, envisioning needs, and building solutions to address them. Tony has raised tens of millions of dollars from leading angel organizations and VC firms for his own and other ventures, and invested millions of his own money in his own ventures - including Goldilock. After leaving the Canadian Army and graduating from the University of Toronto, Tony moved to then Czechoslovakia where he founded, scaled & exited one of the largest  System Integration companies in Central Europe. Tony was then selected by Apple Computer to open the first Authorized Apple Store East of Berlin. Tony has extensive experience in software and application development. He founded Goldilock because he has a vision of the internet being a safer place for all.

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